CricAdda offers sharing platform for a cricket maniac like me, who is a fanatic about this exciting sport. I have so many thoughts I would love to discuss that, I believe, this blog just gives me an optimum opportunity. I understand, with the freedom of expression, also comes a greater responsibility of respecting everyone’s feelings, and I pledge that I would always be respectful of others’ views. The aim is not just to stir the pot or start a debate but to bring up issues and provide possible solutions. I would encourage all the readers to participate, through your comments and emails. I strongly believe that feedback is the best source of improvement. Even though I hail, originally, from India, my topics won’t be limited to Indian cricket and I would be keeping it global and would cover all forms of the game. I strongly urge all my readers to chime in with suggestions on topics as well.

Myself: A newbie to the blogger community. Cricket has not been just a passion but more like an obsession. I can read about, write about, watch, listen to, talk about, and play cricket almost any hour of the day. I started playing and watching this game as a very young kid, growing in the busy city of Mumbai, where open land is sparse, we played gully-cricket. Cricket was as much sport to be discussed as to be played. I spent numerous hours discussing this game with friends, family, an neighbors.

The passion for the game soon developed into reading more about it. I grabbed anything I could get my hands-on, news-paper clipping, books, sports magazine, and then with the world of internet a huge galore of information was opened to me. I was always fascinated by the great contests in the game and mesmerized  by individual and team performances. Last couple of years, I tried my hand at penning down a few articles at a local forum, and received a warm response, that, I believe, was an encouraging step towards creation of this blog.



4 Responses to About

  1. Anil B.Salvi says:

    I am really proud of you my dear Nikhil.keep it up.

    anil mama

  2. sharad says:

    Dear Niks,

    How was the 50th from the GOD?


  3. Baba says:


    How was the stunner at Johannesburg?
    It was indeed treat to watch the CHOKERS!
    Also the S.A. supporters,they were just hit by a thunderbolt.
    We enjoyed it.


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